March 30, 2008

Rawpolymers is a website that markets to purchase post industrial plastic scrap, plastic films and molding regrinds. The company buys a wide range of plastic ,Polymer raw materials.These products are mostly post industrial or pre-consumer. The company also buys post consumer Polymeric scrap.But one thing they generally make sure is that it has to be free of contamination like dirt, paper labels, organic matters, moisture. Further they also stress that the post polymeric scrap must be free from other polymer contamination such as Nylon, Poly Vinyl Di Fluoride, Poly vinyl chloride and other non-polyolefin plastics like polystyrene, Poly Ethylene Terephthalate, ABS and PBT and so on.. HDPE commonly known as High density Polyethylene is a variety of plastic that can be recycled. These recycled polymers will be of greatest help to the society as it prevents the atmosphere from pollution.

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