September 9, 2008


Is memory eating you?? Well, this may seem totally irrelevant if u aren’t a gizmo freak.
The glamorous cell-phones and sleekly gadgets are mind-blowing but believe me; they have strong side-effects too. Recently, I had to attend a business call on my landline number. The business woman spoke professional with me until she confirmed my personal details. But when I couldn’t afford to remember my own telephone number she started suspecting if its gonno be a business process outsourcing agency. As my cell-phone was out of charge I couldn’t tell her the number, she felt insecure to proceed further and disconnected the call abruptly.

Another memory{less} experience happened to a close friend of mine, who had to part with his girl-friend for not remembering her b’day. Though he had a remainder set on his phone, he dropped his mobile into water the same day. Such baffling situations have become very common but the conundrum is “who is ready to blog it?”

These funny yet serious incidents makes me remember of my passé days when I used to tell the seven digit number of all my friends by-heart.I believe, with the advancement of science and technologies, we have started downloading our memory into the tiny gadgets..
Public circuits like orkut, hi-fi, etc.shares our memory by remembering birthday dates of friends. Isn’t technology taking an edge over us?? Come, lets think smart to take over it.