September 3, 2008


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September 1, 2008

dude, this is my language

American culture is here in India.willy-nilly you got to cope with it soon.Coco-cola Mc Donald’sEnglishjazzcold war are any more and American’sthing, it’s a part of Indian’s too.
The cyber revolution has changed all of us. Believe it or not, many Indians are dreaming of American life and luxury and getting bonkers over it.
Deshmukh, 20 year old has all his dreams set, to do his masters in an American university. To cope with the American culture the next year, he has started rehearsing the future day to day activities now itself in India.
Deshmukh attends his toefl classes, an English training academy to mould his Indian English to American twang., goes to an old book shop to get novels and American dailies at half-price, eats his breakfast at a bakery allowing only bread, butter and a cup of coffee in his diet, then cycles to a local supermarket where he does part-time job of counting the shelved products, goes to the I.T Laboratory in his college to build new coding for the various present day problems he found in the net. In the evenings he would go to a broad band internet cafĂ© and spend hours in chatting with his so called girl friend with an oxymoronic identity in the name of “soulstealerspinster200” and his identity being “cooldudeindian”. They share a good rapport by chatting anything and everything under the sky. Deshmukh is almost lost in the virtual world until she waives a good-bye and a cyber kiss.
Then he peddles to a local motel where he usually orders for cheese pizza and an American delight ice-cream. That’s not the end. He would get back home and listen to American numbers and practice hip-hop until he falls tired. The he would retire to bed to have a 4 hour long sleep.
Deshmukh alone is not a victim of this kind. There are hundreds of youngsters in India who like to mimic their future American life. With lots of BPO’s popping up, Indian’s are getting used to the “wine and partying culture”.
Whazz up, dude, chill, kewl, gonno, l8r, ltns may sound wrong to an Indian English teacher, but, these are the chatting buzzwords and locale language there. The ghetto-talks in America were published in the dictionary and interestingly, these are becoming the hi-fi language of our Indians. Conservative parents in India may not allow their child for a local get-together or a tour. But they brag about their son/daughter studying in US or “my child is flying to US this weekend”.
The lingua-disease and hi-bye culture seem to spread in our country also. If you don’t dare to accept this, you will be fish out of water.