March 11, 2008

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March 10, 2008

32 Vegas

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Mobile store..

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Coupon Chief

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To fare well or not to?

Our college life is approaching an end and as usual its time for friends from other Year classes to bid a farewell to us. The farewell kicked off well last year with the presentation for final year students. All the staff members of our department were criticised with a song from a movie:))
The best song that i cherished was the song "Oru Ooril Azhage Oruvai " played for Sneha mam from the movie Khaaka-Khaaka.. But this year i am sure there would be no room for such things as its going to be "All department farewell under one roof". I don understannd why our crackpot management decided to throw such a farewell.Are we not that lucky to have a departmental farewell which normally goes Kewl?