December 17, 2007

Why the difference??????????

“Could you help me cross the road?” is one question many should have come across while standing at bus stop or anywhere else. Reading the first sentence most of you must be clear that the person is either visually or physically challenged sometimes.

Aren’t they born with special abilities? Isn’t the wicked human being born with all abilities made them disable by calling so? They are people born with unique talents and have capability of outwitting the so called able- people. I thank god a million times for giving good health for I tried to close my eyes for few minutes without opening in an effort to know the world of darkness. But I failed and couldn’t sustain longer.

Few questions made me throw to frazzled state:

“How can I make them understand what light is??” (We sometimes go craze on watching a movie or buying dress of a particular color. But is this applicable for a person who cannot perceive things? How great are they when they cannot visualize their own self and still march ahead with courage thinking that they would see the “illuminated world” one day or the other.)..
Should I say light is opposite to darkness, but it would mean the same for you people ?

“How can I explain VIBGYOR when they don’t know any other color other than black?
Should I tell them that they are the different colors god hided from them in an effort not to visualize this wicked world and cunning people?

“How can I explain the word beautiful?”
Should I tell beautiful is the way god created this difference?

“How can I explain the word trust?
Should I tell trust is what they live in this wicked world, for whom dawn and dusk are same, and still believe in people by solely identifying voices?

These questions keep lingering in my mind time and again when I see a person who is visually challenged.
“Why god created this difference, after all we are children of god”…

“God closes a door and opens other”…Well, this should be true for people who are born with challenged eyes. Though they may not be able to visualize the world they have an “illuminated torch” of god in their mind and heart which keeps them going.


Unknown said...

nice blog da ,You are right they are not disabled but differently able people.

chaki said...

nice dude....good going..

Koushik aarveeve said...

thanx...yup... thats the difference between we and them..

Koushik aarveeve said...

thanks kalyan.

vignesh said...

well written my friend, for those who can't see light and color i am sure they are colorful in their minds.

Ravikumar said...

Really a good post yo.. As it reads, though they people can't recogonise the colour or beauty around them, they are equally good. I say this considering that they people are also the children of God. He wont let anyone down.

Thought provoking!

Koushik aarveeve said...

thanx 4 ur comments vignesh..

Koushik aarveeve said...

hey..thanx ravi 4 ur comments..