October 20, 2007

DJ Caterers.......

“Athithi devo bhava” is probably one of the most popular sayings in our country. For people who had no or little acquaintance with this sentence, it meant treating your guests as gods. Food is priority in any Indian function which will make the event a success. These days craze for serving different kind of food items in family functions especially in kalyanams (marriages) is on a high. If you are confused as to choosing the best caterers in our madras city, DJ caterers are here to provide you with the best tasting food with high quality ingredients at the same time providing top level service to all its customers. DJ Catering offers cuisine with inventive interpretations and modern creations. They turn the very best traditions of regional and international cuisine into exciting and unique menus guaranteed to please your palate and thrill your guests.

Give your tongue a chance to taste the exotic north Indian, south Indian, Chinese, chat items and tandoori varieties from our renowned caterers. These caterers promise to be one in your family while shouldering the entire responsibility of food items during your festive occasion.

Andhra food lovers need not give up their choice. Hot and spicy dishes like Puliyagar Annam, Bendakai Pulusu, Dosaikai sambar, Gutthi vankai, Dondakai veppudu, mavadi pappu, Ulava charu, Ghee, Minuppu pachadi, kongura pickle, Potharekalu are served in a traditional way. The proprietor can be contacted through mail or phone: dhanasekar66@yahoo.com/ 94444 16016, 92831 51581.

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