February 1, 2008


First impression is the best impression. I have always insisted my friend Santhosh to keep his front office clean.His office is frequented by rich businessmen from around the globe. So it is high time my friend consider reviewing the ambiance of his office. With all good intentions for him and his organization, i searched the internet for getting best office furniture and desks.Luckily i arrived at intercountry.com. Thanks to the website that had oodles of furnitures displayed at an affordable cost.
I would recommend my friend, the OSLO Executive office desks which are elegantly finished in wood veneer and substantially constructed. This particular executive furniture is hand finished to a high specification and the prices are amazing. Matching tables are also available in the Oslo executive furniture range.I'm sure his business is going to go well from now on.
Furnitures are delivered using their own fleet of vehicles.This practice is followed right from the time it was opened and till today.This ensures a fast and reliable delivery service.You can phone or email with your requirements and one of their friendly furniture advisor will assist you.
Class room furnitures,artificial plants,Bistro furnitures,steps, rackings, work benches are some other items available that will give your office a new look.


sano said...

can i get the vendor to meet me up in my office.

aarveeve9 said...

@ sano
oh..sure...i will help u out.

RVSreeram said...

Keep me informed the develoments with sano

RVSreeram said...

India demands more of event managers, disaster managment teams, election campaign agencies if possible and permitted, etc.etc.
You know abroad there is notime for own activity and even pall bearers and cremation agencies are flourishing! No time for young folks to perfom last rites of loved elders!