January 28, 2008

Photoshop Brushes..

Are you an artist, a net-savvy?? If these two holds good, then visit Brusheezy.com.
It is a website for artists to download and vote for the best custom photoshop brushes and patterns. This website will help you to learn the basics of graphic design and Adobe Photoshop refreshing your old bag of tricks on photo editing works. The Photoshop books, software packages and peripherals will help beginners get started.One can even submit their own Brushes. Cool isnt it?

*This is a sponsored post.


RVSreeram said...

Learning Photoshop has never been that easy... Let young generation reap the benefits!

aarveeve9 said...

Yes sure..the website is good..

Novice Writer said...

WoW!! I loved this site!! Thanks for the link:-)

aarveeve9 said...

@ novice