January 31, 2008

Here ends january..

31st of January is drawing to an end in a few hours from now. Hope many would have had a great kick start with new resolutions and they are underway. Happy news for Indian’s and a matter of serious concern for foreigners.

“India not stealing your jobs: premji to west” captured my attention in today’s newspaper. Hastily I glanced the twenty lines, two paragraphs in a minute with intentions of gaining a few points on which I can debate upon in the Group discussion.

Countering the fear in the West against outsourcing of jobs, the chairman of IT major Wipro has said that India was not stealing their jobs and its business were moving into developed countries which did not have enough skilled graduates to compete in the global economy. There is a serious shortage of technical talent building up in the Western world.

I am sure that this piece of information is honey to our ears. Let’s keep the tempo on and achieve more and more…

All the best wishes for a happy February and advanced birthday wishes to all those who celebrate their birthday on 29th of this month.
29th being a very special day because people born on this day celebrate birthday once in four years.


RVSreeram said...

Our ex-Prime Minister Late.Morarji Desai also was born on 29th Feb.

aarveeve9 said...

@ RVsreeram
hmmn..ya.. i knw that.