February 5, 2008

Get your real rank..

Getting an IZEA rank is very simple. Are you alrady a member of the IZEA network and have a blog registered with PayPerPost or SocialSpark? Then there are chances that you already have the IZEA Toolkit (ITK) installed on your blog.Well, if you are not a member of Payperpost or Social spark,Izearanks.org is here to assign Blog Ranks as soon as you get the ITK installed.
All you need to get an IZEA rank is to follow the four steps. Firstly, Once you've signed up and logged into IZEARanks, click on the Account tab. Enter the URL of your blog in the text field under the Add A Blog section and complete the rest of the form.
Secondly,All blogs you claim will show up on your Account page under the Current Blogs header. If ITK is already installed on your blog, you should have a check mark in the ITK column and only need to install the claim code to prove that you own the blog you claimed.Thirdly,Once you've completed Step two, return to your Account page and click the refresh button at the bottom of the page to make sure the code is properly installed on your site. If you have two green check marks, that means they are collecting data from your site and you'll have your first RealRank the next morning.If you have completed with all these, you are almost done with it.All you have to do now is sit back and wait a bit for them to collect enough stats from your site to get you an accurate ranking among other bloggers. You can return to Steps 1-3 as many times as you like for all blogs that you own.


"Endless doodles" said...

is izea rankings greater than alexa rankings ?? please advise

aarveeve9 said...

@ "endless doodles"
Both of them should be high 4 u to work with payperpost.