February 5, 2008

Anthropomorphic hands..

A very lightweight artificial hand is presented that approximate the manipulation abilities of human hand very well. A large variety of different objects can be grasped reliably and the movements of the hand appear to be very natural. For each object, which someone wants to grasp the human hand requires a kind of grip, and for each grip there is a specific movement for the fingers. It is reasonable to believe that in order to build an anthropomorphic prosthesis, for a smaller rejection factor these movements must be reproduced. To meet this goal, we must identify, in the most natural way, a command to the formation of an appropriate grip for the object prehension, and the description of the realized movement by the normal hand in this process. In this work, we will describe how to achieve these tasks and how to integrate them in the anthropomorphic control system. Let us first discuss the issues concerning the not much popular conventional prosthetic hands. They are…

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