February 7, 2008


I have always felt the need for love and care from someone who can understand my emotions and likes completely. But i find people to be cunning and selfish. Most of them are self centered and hardly give their ears when it comes to problems. Even the "best friends" in the world will leave you when it comes to problems. Last week when i had a very busy schedule at office, Maria never cared for me. She didn't even bother to call me and ask me about my wellness. From then on, i understood the true color of the people in this world. Thanks to bettercaring.com for the support they provide you at Grey times. The website provides us three types of services such as care homes, health-care, finance care.

Health is an important factor and you badly require someone when you are not well. Bettercaring has guides, features and news on health issues affecting older people, from spotting the signs of dementia to preventing bed sores developing. Other diseases that they provide care are Arthritis, Blindness,Dementia, Diabetes,Emphysema, Epilepsy,Falls, Footcare,Hypothermia,Osteoporosis,Parkinson's disease and strokes.

They provide financial services such as paying for care in England and on state financial support.There a number of agencies listed in their online portal that provide more detailed information on the topics you wish to access.Particularly, Counsellings and Care provide an selection of factsheets and many more - including detail of finance systems in Scotland and Wales.

If you are making your own arrangements, you should investigate the locations and care options available carefully. Even when your placement is being supported by the local authority, your wishes have to be paramount. You will probably want to find care homes in your area and visit a few to see what is on offer. It is also worth asking around - perhaps friends or relatives know of a home with a good reputation. Remember, that although a personal recommendation is a good starting point, homes can change, and what suits one person may not suit another! But the website seems quite promising and will make you to enroll immediately for their care styles.


RVSreeram said...

Millions poured in to acquire a house, but many things still to be done to create a 'home'. Be a Sherlekhomes to find out the intricacies!

aarveeve9 said...

@ rvsreeram
good comment..thanx..