January 22, 2008

Train of thoughts..

Well, i don't know what to blog about at this point of time..Its just a name-sake post because there shouldn't be any consecutive paid posts.Morning time, there is chillness in the air..I would love to do morning walk in the jogger's track of Marina.. I especially love the early hours which marks the beginning of the whole day...well, i am kind of person who likes to close my books at the stroke of ten at night, more precisely i don't burn mid-night oil like a couple of friends who are busy till midnight or after and get up late in the morning..Well, am the other way round..
Last night..oops! today morning, i slept at 2am, and got up at 6am..nothing can stop my romance with the nature.

{please...it was jus a formal one..never intended to write about this..but don know how, fingers started punching the keyboards fastly...mayb im a good story teller and writer..like my friend's say....lolz!!)..

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