January 26, 2008

The stars shine down..

One of Sidney Sheldon’s best seller novels is “The stars shine down”. Lara Cameroon is an aspiring lady who likes attaining everything that life has to offer her. She had a terrible childhood, her mother died as soon as she was born; her father cursed her always for she is a girl. But her love for father never changed and she used to attend him like any other woman when his health conditions deteriorated. She worked for a board house where dozens of men used to frequent. This girl appeared as an apple to their eyes and many had tried to persuade Lara to go to bed. But she overcame all of them until she had to sign a deal with Mr. Sean Mc Allister for buying a plot of land of his property.

Bill Rogers, an American threw light into Lara’s life resulting which she learnt the trade of real estate. Her first deal with Sean and Bill made her earn a hefty sum of money and name. She rose like a Phoenix. Then onwards it was all goodie-days stored for her.

She is young, beautiful, a self-made tycoon and had outshone all her competitors to reach the pinnacle of international fame. Never in her life would she like to recall her bad childhood memories. She preferred not to disclose her past-life to anyone.

Lara Cameroon was married to a Mr. Philip Adler, a world-class pianist. Mr. Keller was a good friend, advisor and a left-hand to Lara. Though he had deep love for her, he never disclosed it to her. The crux of the story lies in finding the person who had bruised Philip’s arm resulting in disability of movement.

The last part of the book goes quite gripping making you to read them soon..

Alas, the stars shine down on their life making a happy-reunion at the end.

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