January 4, 2008

Mturk....what's this???

Mturk. Weird the name sounds, what can it actually be?? Is it name of a person, place, animal or a thing? “Well, am not sure” would be the answer I would mutter unless I had not come across the sentence “It’s a website that pays for anything and everything.” I came to know in detail about this website only when I clicked the link while searching for some other topics in the Google search.

Goaded by the desire to earn some money online, I registered in their site and started grabbing tasks that are available there. I felt great.Being a blabbermouth myself, told about the website to Sano, a childhood chum of mine, who is now, too passionate about this. “Mturk lures me to stay online”, is one such comment he told me while chatting on the Yahoo! I am sure he goes ga-ga over it. Not only does Sano, but me also go wacky about Mturk. “My mturk goes cool and I earned 4$”, told Brand H, another friend of mine.

It’s where you can pick up tasks instantly unlike other websites that pay for writing blogs. Well, if you are a hard-core blogger, it’s not actually a place to be. There are lovely tasks like “Paraphrase the paragraph”, “Commenting on blogs”, “writing about bday cakes” etc.Upon completion of tasks you need to submit it for approval which will be accepted or rejected soon. They do accept most of the tasks and few chances of rejection too! For those who are fond of writing like I am, this is a right place.

“It’s like we are in America earning dollars, but sitting in India...lolz!” with giggles of an audible available on the Ymessenger, I told Sano. Transfer of your earned money to Indian account is possible.

So, log on to www.mturk.com. And start your job.


Ravikumar said...

Good man! Mturking ah, good. U told sano only la... nadakatum nadakatum! lolz.. jus kidding

aarveeve9 said...


sano said...

hey koushik good article da . hope mturk had refferal scheme , so that we could earn commission through refferals

aarveeve9 said...

thanx santhosh..
would mail amazon to give one such scheme..