December 10, 2007

"catch your tempo"

Come December, and its kutchery time in Chennai. Academies and sabhas flooded with people, music geeks walking in and out with gusto, mamis and mamas preparing to listen to music from dawn to dusk making their presence felt throughout, tiny aficionados carrying note books to record comments, the so-called music lovers trying to pass time in the air-conditioned sabhas enacting as if deeply engrossed in music, beating thalaams on their laps, singing ones own tunes is a common sight during this festive season of music.

It’s quite interesting to note that Music craze has grown voraciously over the years. Few or little importance was given to this art and it was mostly restricted to the female community. But these days one can find people running pillar-to-post to acquire this art. I’m also not spared in this regard for I have learnt karnatic music for three years (long ago).But latter left due to no specific reason. And I don’t repent for it, coz of the bad voice I have now.

The best thing about music is that the ragas and notes produce resonance with the human mind which makes the learning process quicker. Most people who are good at singing are good at studies as well (spare me!).
Most of us love to sing in bathrooms. Don’t we? Well, its one way to allay fear by listening to ourselves by the echoes produced. Ipods, mobile- players etc.. have made listening to music an easy job. All, one need to do is to plug them on the ears and keep listening. These gadgets have become cheap and mostly affordable by all. One need not have too good voice to sing. Husky throat could be made to sound sweet by the electronics beats and digitals which we have in the market now.

So catch your theme, sing them to the full.. Be it metal, jazz, Hindustani, karnatic or whatever... Come lets rock this season..lolz!!


Ravikumar said...

yeah, lets enjoy muzic... good blog man!

sano said...

hi koushik ,

romba nalla iruuke blog . nambal rombo kushi aaitaan

Brand H said...

yup...It's musik time now..n ur blog has kindled my interest in music..startin frm tis very moment, i swear i wud start singin as soon as i enter my bathroom..hehe..:)

Anupama Aravamudhan said...

first of let me to tell u a big sorry cuz am kind of going to be really straight forward...
1.there were some spelling mistakes in the blog.(But no one's perfect)
2.Listen using these modern gadgets has its own disadvantages-Hearing Loss at early do not stress on them..
Other wise the blog was fine...i shud say its a blog for the right season.

aarveeve9 said...

thanx ravi..

aarveeve9 said...

innum indha madri ungala kushi padhutata madri ezhutaraen..

aarveeve9 said...

@ brand h
lolz!!! capture ur bathroom tunes and shall we soon make it a pop album!!! lolz!!

aarveeve9 said...

@anupama aravamudhan
i shall correct my spelling mistakes, anu..
hearing loss?? don v get that otherwise?? hearing at minimum sound wudn cause any hearin impairment..i guess..
thank u so much 4 ur comments..