November 2, 2007

are you lucky enough??

Opportunities knock your door once in a while. But how good if luck keeps knocking your door often? For people who have never speculated or people who have been lucky many a times, here is a fantabulous opportunity.
If items like Apple I-Phone’s, HDTV’s, Designer Bags, SCION XB’s, etc.. Were just part of your every night’s dream, here is an opportunity to bring it into reality.
For people who are net savvy they can try their hands at
You could drive away with a BMW car, plug your ears with the latest ipods, cash prizes; any win many other exciting free gifts. Lloyd, one of the winner recalls, “I was really pleased to hear that I had won an Alienware PC from bid4prizes. It was so easy. I couldn't believe it. This is great”.

All you need to do is get the lowest unique bid for your desired prize and you win. The winning bid could be anything; it could even be a penny. if more than one person bids a penny, then that is no longer the lowest unique bid and 2 cents is the new low unique bid. If more than one person bids 2 cents then 3 cents is the next lowest unique bid. You can place your bids through sms also to the website’s number. Premium members who pay $9.99 per month can take part in 20 phone or online bids without advertisements, play arcade and redeem points for prizes. To become a standard member, you can register at their website. Standard members get 20 advertiser supported online bids per day but cannot bid via mobile. They can login to track points, play the arcade, and redeem points for prizes.

Each player is allowed to accumulate points which are redeemable for incredible gifts like designer clothes, backpacks, hand bags, accessories, and much more in the bid4prizes Rewards Store. The bid4prizes TOP PLAYERS list is comprised of the players who ultimately bid the most and receive the most points. Every time a player bids the player receives a "token" to play in the arcade. Every time a player plays an Arcade game, that player either wins a prize or receives player points. Each month every player can bid approximately 600 times. So what are you waiting for?? Time and tide waits for no man.Yes!! Time keeps rolling in their site for every product bidding. Choose the product you are going to bid and participate in their sweepstakes without delay as every seconds count.


Ravikumar said...

man... Let me try my luck over this site..! good info

Chinnu said...

as ravi said,i m also goin to try my luck in the site u hv mentioned...good blog again...