April 25, 2008


What a gloomy day it was today. I had once for all decided not to step inside the gates of trust office of my college. But then, i had to settle an issue regarding my due amount there. Though i had paid money in the college itself, those idiots told the due amount was for something else. So, with the intention of getting money from them i went to the office. There i heard a staff speaking to a parent asking for a seat in my college for the I.T department. That person asked him to pay a sum of 6 lakhs rupees and then get admitted or else he would give the same seat for 2lakhs at their sister concern which is all set to begin this academic year. Education has become like purchasing a vegetable. Buying an engineering seat has become like bargaining for a product on the road's platform. chi...what a ugly-business is it? f*** off. (sorry for this crap again)