March 10, 2008

Mobile store..

I planned to gift my sister a mobile phone from the earnings that i got through blogging. So both of us went to the MOBILE SHOP in T.Nagar. She was not really interested in getting HI-Fi mobile phones. All that she needed was an ordinary mobile phone with a FM player. I hold perfect qualities of a taurean when it comes to gifts. I love gifting others as well as quite enthusiastic in receiving it. The shop offers scratch cards for any mobile on purchase. Scratching it will tell you the gift you have won .Four gifts were available. Free stay@ a luxury hotels for 3days and 2nights, home theatre, Digital camera And rs 5000 cash back..

Guess what we got?

( free stay @ any one of the hotels mentioned there for two nights and three days)..


sano said...

this is really good , Your parents and Sister will really be proud of you

Koushik aarveeve said...

@ Sano
Still lots to achieve dude.. tisz just a stepping stone..

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