March 17, 2008

GPS review..

Global positioning system is the result of technological development. Thanks to the scientists and technologists who have made it possible to locate a person, vehicle or any other object where ever it is moving. Global positioning system has always been an interesting area of study for many people. Simply because it is amazing area of science. these days mobile theft can be detected easily if the cellphone is global positioning system enabled. criminals can be easily located with this technology. is here to provide you with the best global positioning services.GPS Insight vehicle tracking system uses satellites and AT&T/T-Mobile to provide you with highly accurate vehicle locations every 2 minutes throughout the US and Canada. You can also verify your exact coverage with the At and t coverage tool.

This website provides you with a 30 day money back guarantee, and offers free trials for qualified companies.The website does not provide any long term contracts .It seems their tracking devices takes only minutes to get installed , and shipping will be done the same day once your order is received. You will be in a position to track your fleet in days and not in weeks or months.

The website is rather happy to give live demonstrations in their offices, or even at your own location. They also provide WebEx presentations, which is the best thing about this website. GPS allows your company to manage activity details, fuel consumption, speed violations, vehicle performance, landmark activity, odd hours, Geofence violation.

The next time you violate the traffic signal, you may be positioned through this global tracking system. many countries have already implemented this system and its functioning successfully. but being an Indian myself, am not sure how far this system will be successful here. Simply because of the erratic traffic and population explosion. It is very difficult to implement the global positioning system here, especially for traffic violations.

Am not that technically sound to provide you information regarding the technology employed. you may refer search engines to get to know it better .For example, GPS Insight support wiki for customers. You can also search their Blog for GPS vehicle tracking.

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