May 16, 2008

The fifth unit.

Our project has been successfully implemented to monitor the exhaled air concentration of the infants. Continuous monitoring of the infant’s health is required in the real time scenario due to its delicate nature. This system will be of great importance in hospitals where a large number of infants have to be taken care. The system we have designed can also be implemented at home eliminating the need of a receiver section. Whenever the level of carbon dioxide goes below the preset value, a buzzer alone is sufficient to create an alert for the parent which is provided at the transmitter module.

The sensor was tested for various concentrations of carbon dioxide. The concentration level of 13.34 Parts per million is equated to one unit and then programmed in the microcontroller using “Embedded-C”.
The sensor TGS4161 incorporated in our project obtained satisfactory results for various concentrations of carbon dioxide in the range of 0 parts per million to 3200ppm.