March 6, 2008


What is CIPM? The Chartered Institute of Professional Management, USA is a non-profit body.This was established in the year 2000. Their main motto is to educate and provide the business people.

The need for management professionals is increasing at a very sharp rate. This in turn has helped to elevate the standards of business professionals. These days many switch over to management sciences due to the fact that it is more challenging to take control the entire organization.

CIPM provides a good platform to help raise the performance and credentials of individuals in business and by supporting and encouraging fraternalism among worldwide members.

In order to take up the course at CIPM, the aspiring candidate is required to have i certain level of English proficiency . This requirement is usually fulfilled by submitting a TOEFL result with a minimum score of 173 on the computerized TOEFL or a 5.0 bandwidth score on the IELTS.

Apart from the acquisition of functional skills, their curricula is planned to highlight themes that are integral parts of business knowledge. They are leadership dynamics,communication strategies and ethical perspectives of management.

The institution also provides a wide variety of Business management courses on other fields such as Project Management,Marketing Management,Economics of Organization and Management,Integrated Marketing Communications,Strategic Marketing and many more.

The whole world demands for managers and thats is the most demanding profession at present. It's upto an individual to be smart( street smart more precisely) to grab the best opportunity coming your way.