February 27, 2008

Bloggingfingers.com : Yet another site for blogoholics

Hello gags! Here is an interesting website for the blogging fraternity. bloggingfingers.com is the website that provides blogging money making tips, idea, creativity and money making strategies for your blog. These days many people blog as a full time profession. I am sure this website is a boon for the amateur bloggers as well as professional bloggers. There is a $300 contest for people who write about the Blog Monetization Strategies e-book.
The e-book covers various chapters concentrating mainly on online advertising terms, diversification, types of advertising, adsense plugins and so on.
i am sure hardcore bloggers by this time would have opened the website even before reading this post. One more important thing : Download the free Blog Monetization Stratgies e-book here.

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