October 21, 2007


Indians –the T20 champions:
The Showpiece Event has come to a conclusion with India being crowned the Champions of the Inaugural T20 World Cup. India has beaten arch rivals Pakistan in a humdinger of a final to lift the Priceless Trophy. Before the T20 World Cup had started, no one would have imagined in the wildest of their dreams that India would go on to lift the coveted trophy. India has stunned the entire cricketing world with its spectacular performance. India has played sensationally in the entire tournament. Even in the match whom India lost to New Zealand, India had put on a brave performance. They were chasing 190 to win and fell short of the target by a very narrow margin.
Stellar Performance:

Among all the top teams in World Cricket, India has the least experience in T20 matches. India has played just one T20 match in its T20 career before this inaugural T20 World Cup.Infact India did not have any match practice when they took on Pakistan in this tournament as their tie against Scotland was washed away by rain. After the defeat against New-Zealand, India had to win each and every match in order to win the Cup. After the match in which India lost to New-Zealand, It has been all India.India has come up with an absolute Stellar performance in this tournament .India's triumph in this T20 World Cup will be absolutely phenomenal for the game of Cricket.
Grabbing the best opportunity:

If you take a look at teams like Australia, South Africa and New-Zealand, they have the right kind of players who can easily win you 20-20 matches. Compare the Indian Team man to man with the teams Australia, England and South Africa. You would find these teams to be superior. But India got the better out of these teams in this tournament. Youngsters like Gambhir, Uthappa and Rohit Sharma rose to the occassion and grabbed the opportunities with both hands.These young men had also fielded well and had effected few direct run outs.Yuvraj is in the purple patch of his career and has played a big part in India winning this World Cup.Not to Forget Dhoni's contribution.Dhoni may not have made big scores but scored some decent runs and had marshaled his resources extremely well.
Proved their mettle:
The thing which is most pleasing is that it was a collective performance from India.RP Singh and Sreesanth had bowled their hearts out and had given India timely break throughs.As T20 matches are ruled by batsmen, many expected the opposition batsmen to bully the inexperienced Indian bowlers.But Indian bowlers had proved their mettle by not only picking up wickets but also bowling at a superb economy rate .It was very heartening to see Sehwag,Irfan Pathan and Harbhajan making a good comeback.It was an absolute professional performance from Team India in this tournament.Indians who were known as the renowned chokers have proved the World Cricket wrong by winning crunch matches in this tournament.Indians had the habit of choking in big finals but this time around they held their nerves really well.
Boiling Young Blood:
India have won all the major ICC Championships namely ,1983 World Cup 1985 World Championship ,Mini World Cup 2002(India are Joint Winners of this tournament) , T20 World Cup 2007 .India winning a World Cup Final against their Arch Rivals Pakistan, you cant get anything bigger than this. It was the young blood which won this Mega Event for India.
T20-A Stepping Stone
Though India won the T20 World Cup, it should boost their confidence and enable them to perform well in the ODIS and test matches from now on. And it’s high time that the Indian selectors take serious note of the young talent. From now on, we need to start building a team for World Cup 2011.We need more such ICC Trophies in our cabinet. Holding the Wold Cup Trophy is one of the best things in the world.Infact holding aloft the World Cup Trophy is the pinnacle. When Dhoni had lifted the T20 World Cup Trophy, we Indians got goose pimples. It was one of the best moments in the lives of the Indian Cricket Fans. This T20 World Cup triumph is a glorious chapter in the history of Indian Cricket. Well done Team India. The entire nation is proud of you.

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